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Do not sleep in your jewelry. Before bedtime, lay your jewelry out flat to avoid tangling, scratching, or inability to remove items due to swelling.

Do not clean jewelry with tissue paper as it leaves fibrous residues.

Do not clean pearls or colored gemstones with any chemicals, abrasives, or solvents. 

Do not wear your jewelry to the gym, beach, running, gardening, spa, intensive travel, etc. This will help you avoid pulling or breaking prongs and losing stones or misplacing the piece altogether. 

Do not wear your diamond jewelry while performing your daily rituals such as doing dishes, showering, applying lotions or hair products, etc. These products build up on the underside of your diamonds, prohibiting light from coming in and out of the stone. Over time this will make the diamond look dull, but a good clean will return the stone’s brilliance.


Insure your jewelry early on, and make sure to have up-to-date appraisals on your pieces. Jewelers Mutual recommends doing this every five years.

If applying perfume or lotion, wait for it to dry completely before wearing your jewelry.

Pearls are an organic material and can easily be discolored or the surface badly damaged by perfume or chemicals. They are best kept in a soft fabric pouch and cleaned with a dry soft cloth.

For necklaces, clasp the necklace when removing it and pull a bit out of the pouch or bag to assure the chain does not tangle or knot.

Ring trees – you can never have enough of them. Scatter them around the house in places where you’ll be removing your jewelry (front/back door, kitchen, bathroom, nightstand). Seeing the trees reminds you to remove your rings before that activity, and you'll never wonder where they've been placed.

Diamonds can scratch other gems including other diamonds. Keep jewelry separate from one another to avoid impacts or scratches.

While diamonds are tough, they’re not indestructible.They can still break, chip, or be crushed. Avoiding activities with high impact on your jewelry will keep your stones intact. 

When removing diamond rings, hold the piece from each side rather than from on top of the stones as our fingers leave behind oils that build up over time and dull the stone’s shine.

To clean your diamond jewelry, first soak it in warm water and a bit of dish soap, then gently scrub using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Finally rinse with fresh water and allow to dry on a soft cloth or paper towel. 


We’ve designed your jewelry to last through generations, though all jewelry is delicate and should be handled with care. To prolong the life and preserve the beauty of your pieces, stick to the following tips and guidelines:

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